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Let's Talk Goal Setting

Hope your 2022 is off to an amazing start! This time of year we’re all setting intentions for our wellness goals. I LOVE that — however I also don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by making too many resolutions. The most important thing is to set goals that you can stick to so your healthy habits become a lifestyle that lasts long past January!

Here are our best tips to set goals for the new year and beyond:

Start small

The key to goal setting is to make your intentions challenging but also doable. Instead of saying, “I’m going to work out every day,” try starting with “I’m going to do three routines in the move-ment program per week.” Then when you crush that goal, up it to four workouts and then five! When you start to see small wins, you’re more likely to keep going after it!

You also want to be as specific as possible. So instead of, “I’m going to eat clean,” try making it something like, “I’m going to meal prep healthy options every Sunday” or “I’m going to cook a move-ment recipe four days a week.” Hint: You can find tons of options to choose from in the nutrition section at Pick some new faves for the new year :)

Know your WHY

A goal is only as powerful as the intention behind it. WHY are you getting after it in your workouts? Is it to feel stronger and more confident in your body? To hit a goal you’re proud of like lifting heavier? To have more energy throughout your day? To be able to run around with your family? To release stress and center yourself? Your reasons will be personal to you, and I encourage you to reflect on them and include them in your journaling. Whenever you feel like giving up or skipping a workout, you can look back and remember your why!

Write it out

Putting pen to paper is SO powerful! Set aside time to write down your goals in a journal. When you do, make sure you use positive language. Instead of “I want to…” write “I WILL…” It’s the power of manifestation!

Schedule time for your goals

Once you’re clear on your goals, schedule time to make them happen. Make it a point to schedule out your move-ment classes and meal plans in advance. My best advice: make it a priority to schedule all your workouts and meals for the week on Sundays.

Go for that extra challenge…you can do it!

Make some goals to level up during the 21-Day Self- Love Challenge! This can be adding an extra move-ment workout, doing a quick ab class at the end of each routine, finishing your workout by holding a plank, or going on a walk every day for some extra cardio.

I know you’ve got this and I am so proud of you 💪

With Love,

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