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I'm So Gonna Crush My 2023 Goals...

We have lot's of them: relationship, career, creative, health, home, hair, finance, personal, romance etc. Goals are life-giving & golden. It's been said that goals are 'dreams with deadlines', and thats the key to their power. A dream may be beautiful, but a goal can actually help you get there and easier to recognize when you've crushed it.

One thing to know about goals... for every goal you crush, another will sprout up in its place. They just keep coming, along with familiar pangs and panic and imposter syndrome that can plague even the most accomplished goal-crusher. Those feelings are normal and you mustn't let them stop you from setting- and crushing- your many goals.

One of my biggest role models, Deepak Chopra asserts,' Journaling is one of the most powerful tools we have to transform our lives." It helps to put one's mindset at ease-- essential for getting into the goal-crushing mental zone- and has even been shown to aid physical health. Proven benefits includes better stress management, strengthen immune systems, fewer doctor visits, and improvement in chronic illnesses, such as asthma. If it can help our lungs, imagine what it can do for our brains!

Of course, tapping our inner power isn't a one-and-done deal-- it's a lifelong process, much like keeping a journal. Specialists agree that in order to reap the benefits of journaling you should stick with it, quasi-daily, for as little as five minutes at a time (at least 15 minutes, however, is best), even on days when you feel unmotivated, exhausted, or empty. Finding regular writing times and comfortable locations can help with consistency.

If you're not sure what to write about, use quotes, personal goals, your am/pm routine as a jumping-off point for observations and explorations. Renown journaler, Anais Nin suggests asking yourself, "what feels vivid, warm, or near to you at the moment?" This is excellent advice for figuring out what goals you want to pursue. To build goal-crushing confidence, reflect on the many goals and accomplishments you have already achieved in your life, no matter how small. Consider also the numerous challenges you've overcome and difficulties you've survived; recognizing these should help bolster your sense of inner strength, perseverance and creative writing. Write whatever comes to you, and don't criticize it. Journaling is a means of self-reflection, not a structured composition.

Finally, find a special spot for your journaling space so it'll be easy to find on days when you're feeling at the peak of your powers, or (especially) on days when you fear all may be lost. Read your favorite quotes over and over and over. Tear them out and post them near your bed, or whip out your water colors and turn them into art. Whatever you do, believe this: Your goals matter, and you deserve the joy of pursuing them with confidence and trust in your inner wisdom.

Now go forth and crush your 2023 goals!

By: Stacey Gernerd, published January 29, 2023.

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