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Updated: Mar 3, 2022

How move-ment can help you find balance in it all--- and actually make you feel balanced within.

When your calendar is filled to the brim, adding one more activity can seem like an unrealistic idea! However, it can actually help your busy schedule feel less chaotic! Read on to learn how a regular movement practice can help you feel more empowered and transform how you approach your day-to-day life.

You may be a parent, a student, an instagram influencer, work 12 hour shifts and wonder how can I possibly balance it all. Your life at times may feel more like a stress ball than a stack of rocks, but there is one consistent practice that can enhance your ability to achieve what you want in all areas of your life. Ironically, studies have shown adding a daily movement practice to your schedule is what can help you feel more in control, room for healthy thoughts and more time in your life.

Your relationship with your body and with exercise can be something you enjoy not something you dread. Exercise is not supposed to fix a perceived flaw, or to change something that you feel bad about. This approach will erode your ability to enjoy your body and the amazing things that it can do. Rather, approach exercise as a gift to yourself. Your time to release tension, be present in mind and body and focus on the amazing things your body can do.

As someone with a very busy schedule, people ask when do you find time to for your own personal workout? Everyday- I make it a priority. The hours I dedicate to myself in my own movement or medication practice are truly acts of self-love. When I give myself this time for me, it helps me take better care of others and my business. Continue reading to learn why movement can help you find more balance and improve your quality of life!

Movement is a gift to yourself.

Treat your movement practice as a self-care appointment! Why? Because you deserve it! At each self-care appointment you tangibly dedicate resources to yourself- time, energy and money. Knowing this, you cultivate an awareness of your own self-worth. You are worthy of your time, resources and you don't need any further rational than that.

Movement is self-knowledge.

Treat each workout as an opportunity to better understand your mind, body and the things that you are capable of. In each class, listen to your body, pay attention to your needs and notice how these change every day. Some workouts you may need to push yourself a little more, and some classes you make need to take it easy and stay in your comfort zone. Knowing that you have complete control without any judgement or regret will help you stay consistent in your practice because you have full permission to to make each class exactly what you need it to be.

Movement is confidence.

The confidence that you will gain in your physical and mental abilities through your daily practice will translate into every other area of your life. When you surprise yourself with holding a side plank for 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds, you will begin to welcome the opportunity to develop more strength in other exercises and push yourself past your comfort zone. This mental strength will also translate into your work and lifestyle goals.

Movement is mindfulness.

It can feel easy to get lost in our thoughts and feel overwhelmed, but by creating a daily practice of self-care and movement, you will feel more centered because they are infused with mindfulness from start to finish. How? Because the flow in my movement routines require attention to detail, focus and breath-work. This gives our minds an opportunity to detach from our thoughts about planning for tomorrow or ruminating about how your last meeting went. Each class gives you the space to tap into your mind-body connection, feeling truly present and aware of your surroundings. This awareness and connection will help you feel more present throughout the rest of your day.

Looking for more balance in your own life?

Book your weekly self-care movement classes now and make them a priority!

New to move-ment? Join Here!

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