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What is Move-ment...

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Move-ment is variety. Why? Because diversifying your nutrition and fitness plans delivers major benefits to both your mind and body.

When you enter move-ments video catalog you will have access to 50+ workouts organized into specific channels/workout types.

Move-ment currently has 11 workout channels:

Barre, 10 Minutes, Foam Rolling, Mat Pilates, Tread-Series, Back to Basics, Yoga + Stretch, Fusion Channel, Reformer Pilates, Strength + Cardio and (30) Upper/Lower Body.

Move-ments Nutrition Program/Membership is a balanced program created in 3 simple steps. Step 1: Detox/ 3- day kickstart to rebut your system. Step 2: 7 day-clean eating meal-plan focused on whole foods high in protein and nutrients. Step 3: 30-day maintenance program that gives you all the tools you need to live your healthiest and fittest life.

Another exciting program offered is move-ments 28-Day Challenge Program/Membership.

Each quarter, move-ment launches a NEW challenge program that features the latest workouts and nutrition advice. This program is great for those who need structure, a seasonal fitness kickstart and accountability. You are given a 28-day calendar, diet plan and 28 different 30-minute workouts. This program is designed to help you build strength, improve mobility, balance and flexibility. It's the perfect way to kickstart your fitness and transform your mind-body to a new way of living. This program has been created as a membership you can access each month! Next move-ment challenge launches, November 1, 2021!

Move-ments newest fall addition is it's weekly livestream classes offering a 10-week strength+cardio series and weekly pop-up classes featuring NEW workouts each week! Livestream classes are FREE for all move-ment online members and $10 for all non-members. These classes are great to add to your weekly routine, allows you to move LIVE with others and keeps you motivated and accountable!

Move-ment is a fitness & nutrition platform that offers a variety of health and nutrition options for you so you continue to evolve, stay active and look forward to moving and living your best life!

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