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Own Your Morning Reset: Reset Your Routine To Unlock Your Potential

Updated: Jan 18

One of the most common questions people ask me are: "How do you start your day with so much energy and enthusiasm? Where do you find the energy to get after it?" My passion for my morning routine begins with the knowledge that how I start my day is exactly how I'll live my day." Once you believe that, like I do, you'll do whatever it takes to own your morning (and evening".)

I was not born this way. My journey becoming a morning person reminds me of forcing my body out of bed to get to a 5 am spin class and hating every second of the drive there until I woke up. Kicking my day off right enables me to give my best effort in each hour that follows. So I am disciplined about my mornings now and take care of myself the way I would my family and clients every day.

Anyone can become a morning person. If you are reading this blog, you are curious and want to become a morning person or you are a morning person and want to improve on your morning routine so you can make the most of each and every day! No matter what your A.M. routine looks like, you already have the power inside yourself to transform it into a healthier, happier experience, like I did. Think of the first few hours after you wake up like a warm-up that will prime you for all of your unexpected twists and turns-- and possibilities-- that the rest of the day has in store for you.

The magic of mornings. I may groan at the sound of my early alarm, but I am always better for it when I begin my day before the rest of the city is up. My ideal 'week day' morning routine includes listening to my morning meditation on Calm App while I do my A.M.bathroom routine. Once I am dressed and ready for the day, I make my green juice and coffee, journal my affirmation/gratitudes for my day, prepare out my clients workouts, complete my own daily 30 minute workout, kiss my baby Ryan and get ready for my first appointment of the day.

Weekend mornings look a lot different. If it's not my weekend to work, I usually get to sleep in until about 8:00am, tidy up my space, and wake up with my baby Ryan and start his eat/play/eat/play/sleep routine together until around 11ish. 'My personal morning' routine doesn't happen until around his mid-morning nap, but that's what works for us!

Creating your own morning routine. Creating an A.M. routine that works for your lifestyle is what will fulfills you throughout your day. I think it is extremely important to have the same morning routine everyday. It shouldn't take any more than one-hour (at most) per day. It's a simple, easy plan to follow, and you can add bits of everything from productivity, wellness and me-time to your routine. You may tweak your routine up to 2 weeks-21 days until you build the perfect morning routine for yourself, given that you have experienced it and found something that works for you.

How long does it take to do a routine? My personal routine takes one-hour, but your routine does not have to be one-hour. It can be much shorter, but you do not want it to go over one-hour or it cuts too much into your morning and you will not stick to it. I usually include a 20-30 minute workout to get my body moving first thing in the morning, which is always included in my one-hour routine.

Here is a simple and realistic one-hour morning routine to get you started:

  1. Wake up slowly (3 minutes)- this is best, especially if you are not a morning person, and trying to be one. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and slowly wake up. This will give you a moment of calmness and mindfulness that you can enjoy. I love to listen to a motivational podcast or inspirational meditation the minute I wake up.

  2. Tidy up your space (1 minute)- if your partner is still sleeping, disregard this step! Our rule, is whoever is the last one up- is responsible for making the bed and tidying up the room. Always make sure your space is organized and clean so you don't feel guilty and stressed.

  3. Drink Water (1 minute)- If you sleep with water next to your bed, finish it before you start your day. This will wake up your body instantly, and will instantly hydrate you from your 8 hours of sleep.

  4. Get your bathroom routine done (10 minutes)- Now we all know the basic everyday part of your morning routine is to get fresh and get done with your business, which also includes brushing your teeth etc.

  5. Make Coffee/Tea/Juice/Vitamins (5 minutes)- I look forward to my morning java and green juice every day. I also take my AM vitamins with a small piece of toast or oatmeal.

  6. Me Time (5 minutes)- Spending a few minutes to yourself will fulfill your day. I always set a daily affirmation, intention and write our my 3 grateful's for the day.

  7. Daily (30)- Doing some sort of body movement every day is extremely important.

  8. Kiss family before the start of your day (3-minutes).

  9. Prepare for the day/to-do list (2 minutes).

  10. Get to Work!

So now you have an insight into a morning routine blueprint, create your own! I always make my daily meals as part of my nightly routine for the next day... that's for a different post! For now, let's focus on your AM routine! Happy rise n' shine!

By: Stacey Gernerd

January 15, 2024

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