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How to Set a MOVE Intention

Before you start your week, there is one very important ritual to practice every day. One, I believe, keeps our spirit alive and gives us daily purpose. It's called setting a MOVE intention, a daily commitment to living your best, active life.

The way it works is quite simple. Commit to your daily MOVE goal and you will be one step closer to your future goals. There simply is no better way to stay focused, driven and living your best self every day!

M: mindfulness; meditate, visualize your goals, read, relax, breathe, stretch and make time for yourself every day.

O: organic foods; try to eat clean and green with every meal.

V: vision boards; be clear on what you're trying to manifest! Collate a series of inspiring and empowering pictures, quotes, photographs, affirmations and words that inspire you. Reevaluate your visions monthly, quarterly and annually.

E: energize: Find ways to lift your spirits through movement every day.

Here are some daily MOVE inspirations to get you started:

M- I will do a meditation and visualization session today for 20 minutes

O- I will have something green with every meal

V- I will visualize my goals from my board during my mindfulness practice today

E- I will do a 30 minute energizing HIIT class today during my lunch break

M- I will do a 45 minute Yoga Class at the beach today

O- I will experiment today with fermented foods

V- I will do one thing today to get me closer to my visions

E- I will go for a walk outside to lift my spirits

M- I will read a few chapters in my book and have quiet time to myself

O- I will try a new recipe today

V- I will visualize my goals for 15 minutes today

E- I will do a 30 minute pilates class

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