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Finding Your 'Why' In Movement

Do you ever get the feeling that something needs to change, but you just don't know what it is? You know you can be happier, more motivated, feel better and more... but you just don't know how.

What if I told you the answers are already inside of you, you just need the proper steps to finding your "WHY".

If I asked you, what do you need to be happy, what would you say?

If I asked you, what do you need to feel better, what would you say?

If I asked you, what do you need to start exercising, what would you say?

Perhaps might these be some of your answers:

  • I need to feel worthy.

  • I need support to keep me on track.

  • I need a plan.

  • I need accountability.

  • I need to stop quitting when I start.

  • I need to leave the job I hate so I'm not so stressed.

  • I need to stop eating a bag of potato chips at night.

  • I need to stop drinking alcohol so much.

  • I need to stop late-night snacking.

  • I need to exercise more.

  • I need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  • I probably should replace soda with water.

You actually already know what you need to do. It's inside of you. So why aren't you doing it? Is it because it is overwhelming, it is scary, it seems boring, or maybe because you just don't know where or how to start?

SOLUTION: You need clarity and a whole lot of action.

Lets get started...

Step 1: Clarity

  1. Most Important: Identify your "WHY"; follow up with setting short-and long-term goals.

  2. Decide whether or not you are exercising regularly with a movement plan, and create your plan working out 5-6x per week.

  3. Find your calories in-calories out concept. How many calories do you want to consume in a day. How many calories do you want to burn in a day? This depends on whether losing weight is your goal or you just want to feel better and maintain.

  4. Grocery shop and meal prep each week so you set yourself up for success.

  5. Create your workout space and lay out your clothes the night before so you can grab and go.

That's it: it's that simple! Now let's take action and discover and define your "WHY".

Step 2: Action

Lean into your "WHY", and find your deeper reason for starting your health & fitness journey. Your "WHY" is what keeps you on track on the toughest days. It wakes you up feeling motivated and gets you out of bed and moving. So how do we find our deeper 'WHY"?

  1. Set 4 short term goals. Set ONE long term goal.

Here is an example of 1 long term goal and 4 short term goals"

Long Term Goal: I will run a marathon by October 30.

Short Term Goals: weekly 'mini wins'.

Week 1: Run 5x per week before work, 30-35 miles per week.

Week 2: Add one session of yoga per week.

Week 3: Sleep 8 hours per night.

Week 4: Add 2 sessions of strength training per week.

2. Organize: Put each workout session in your daily calendar and set a reminder/alarm to stay on track of your goals, and get it DONE!

3. Make a nutrition plan.

Lose Weight: Calorie deficit of 500 calories per day from your total calories- 250 food and 250 exercise= 3500 calories per week= 1 pound of weight loss. Use this calculator to find how many calories you should eat per day:

Maintain Weight & Energy Levels: When the number of calories you take in, matches the number of calories you burn to sustain metabolism, digestion and energy levels, your weight will remain stable.

4. Create a meal plan and organize your meals for week so you stay on track of your weekly calories. Use free apps such as: to stay in control of your calories and goals.

5. Workout space: your workout space may change, however, try to have a designated area of your house where there are limited distractions so you can focus and work hard in your 'self care' time.


It's probably one of the most commonly used words in the fitness community, but with very good reasons. Believing in yourself and what you can achieve is imperative to moving forward in life. You cannot live a positive life with a negative mindset... nor can you achieve those big reach-for-the-stars goals if you don't believe you can catch them first!

So no matter where you want to go or what you want to achieve in life, the best thing you can do is make those big beautiful dreams a reality first and foremost, BELIEVE.

Shoot for Progress, NOT Perfection. Believe In Yourself.

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