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Decide To Be Happy

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

"Happiness is not about everything being good, it's about seeing the good in everything."

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think about? And how would your life change if your first thought every day was making a conscious effort to be happy.

I believe our happiness depends mostly on ourselves, on our decision- making and our ability to choose positive over negative. I know that sometimes it's hard to be happy. We all have bad days, weeks and even years. We go through rough patches, losses, break-ups, LIFE! But even through the most difficult times, I believe that we can stretch for the silver lining, find something to be grateful for and take a positive outlook-we will find happiness.

The weird thing is that most of us go searching for happiness in all the wrong places. We look for material things, in other people and even in events or future plans. We put so much faith in 'tomorrow', hoping that it will bring something better than we have today.

Just think about all the times someone in your life has made a comment about being happy, WHEN they get that new house, WHEN they lose a dress size, WHEN they get that big promotion, and, god forbid, WHEN they win the lottery!

It's the idea that happiness is in the next place. A common practice that makes being happy a constantly moving target and subsequently impossible for any of us to achieve.

"Happiness is not a final step. It's the journey along the way."

The thing is, happiness is not found anywhere in the external world. Happiness is something you have to nurture on the inside. It's a mixture of mindset, mindfulness and gratitude. It's about appreciating what is already wonderful in your life and being happy with the knowledge that there is always room for improvement.

Lets CHOOSE to be happy- despite the weather, despite what people think of you, despite where you are in life, despite whatever happens today, tomorrow, next week or next year. You need to try to seek out happiness every day by doing the things you love and surrounding yourself with positivity!

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