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Why a 30-Day Detox Program?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Hey Fit-Fam! I am here to help you achieve all of your goals- to feel strong and confident, to live with passion and purpose, to focus on mindfulness and self-care, and to feel empowered and refreshed in everything you do! And guess what... all of that is already yours! It's inside of you just waiting to come to life!

I created this plan as an opportunity to reset and renew your mind, body and life. You'll be letting go of anything that doesn't serve you and really focusing on fueling your body with the things that make you feel light, energized, and confident. In this plan, you'll find your meal-by-meal guide with tons of science-backed advice on how to detox your body. I am a certified weight-loss specialist and I crafted a plan from my program that is amazing for de-bloating, cleansing your system, rebooting your energy, and giving your body, mind, and spirit a refresh for Spring into Summer.

The biggest differences you'll see after 30 days of completing this challenge:

  • You'll feel lighter

  • Your energy levels will be up

  • You'll sleep better

  • You may notice you're more alert

  • Your digestive track will feel light

  • Your skin will feel fresh from all the hydration, clean meals and no alcohol

  • You'll feel organized and in control

  • You'll feel confident and empowered

30 Day Detox Meal Plan

  • You'll be given a basic grocery list of Detox Foods from Phase 1- which you will stay on until you achieve your goal weight.

  • You'll have access to a 3-7 day Jumpstart Plan, 1 week prior to the detox program to reset your system and prepare for the 30-Day Program. In this Jumpstart Plan, you will be given a grocery list and a basic meal plan to follow for the first week prior to the 30-day Detox Program.

  • You will have access to Recipe Cards that will give you healthy and delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Starter dishes!

  • This program is easy to follow and you will have all the necessary tools and tips at your fingertips!

30 Day Detox Workout Plan

  • These workouts were picked to pair perfectly with your Detox Nutrition Plan. These routines will boost your metabolism, tone from head to toe, and make you seriously sweat! You can choose the time and place of your workout with limited or no equipment. Try to stick to the program the best you can, but if you miss a workout no problem. You can go back to any workout in the program in your 30 days!

Some common Q & A:

  1. Can I mix in different meals in the program? Of course! Do what works for you and your lifestyle. Just make sure to follow the Detox 'DO's & DON'T" list and you'll be golden! There are a ton of recipes on the website that match the Detox Guidelines as well!

  2. What can I substitute ingredients with? If there is an ingredient that you don't have or can't have, feel free to sub in another. Again, just as long as it fits the Detox Guidelines.

  3. I'm headed to the grocery store, how much of everything do I need? Depending on if you're doing the detox alone, or with someone else, 2 bags of lemons, a bag of apples, a bundle of kale, a bag of carrots, and a carton or two of egg whites and almond milk should be sufficient. The grocery list is flexible for you and your needs.

  4. Can I drink other smoothies? Yes! On the recipe website there are other smoothie options you can choose from. Just keep it lower in sugar by using berries, ice, plant-based protein only, and a nut- based milk or water.

  5. What if I don't see a food group listed on the plan? This program is based on detoxifying foods that are low in sugar and will help you de-bloat and cleanse for the 30 days. It's not that the foods that aren't included are bad, this program is just nixing them for the 30 days for rebooting purposes. Try staying within your recommended detox foods and you'll feel amazing!

  6. Can I have coffee? Yes- and/or green tea. Try limiting cream and sugar on program.

  7. When should I eat my meals? Depending on your schedule, space your meals out by about 3 hours. Remember to have water with lemon with you at all times and sip all day! Fresh juice and smoothies are perfect pick-me-ups!

  8. When should I workout? This is completely up to you and your schedule! I love getting it done first thing in the morning so nothing gets in my way, but this is entirely up to you and when you feel you have the most energy!

  9. What will my results be? Will I lose weight? This plan was created to lose anywhere between 2- 2.5 pounds per week based on your lifestyle. Much of the weight loss on any diet is water weight. In the case of alcohol indulgence or excessive carbohydrate intake, this can be as much as 7 to 10 pounds of water weight in the first week! After the first week, a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is the medical ideal. To reach your weight loss goal, stick to the plan: Exercise 30-60 minutes daily, maximize calcium intake, control portion sizes, include high-quality protein at every meal, and eliminate processed foods.

  10. Can I have access to this program post challenge? Yes! This program will remain available to all unlimited move-ment members! You will notice the 30-day workouts change monthly, but the workouts were chosen to pair well with a clean-eating program!

In conclusion, The 30-day Detox Program combines the best foods, daily exercise program and a set of morning intensions to choose from to feel in control of your life. We all need to continually challenge our way of thinking and living. If we are fortunate enough to have the sacred trust of good health, let us do everything to safeguard it. By living our lives thoughtfully and with exuberance, we can preserve our health. We are capable of so much more than we think. You will become younger looking and acting, and you WILL transform your life as you transform your body. Its up to you to do it!

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