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Move Your Body


No one can argue the fact that our bodies were designed to move. And the more we move our bodies and take care of them, the stronger and more capable we become. Whether we choose to walk on the beach, do pilates, bounce on a trampoline or join a bootcamp- experts say we need to move our bodies for at least 20 minutes every day.

Daily exercise is important - it reduces our risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It improves mental health, relieves stress, helps with sleep, reduces our risk of osteoporosis and boosts our overall mood. So why then, is it so hard for us to continually find the disciple to move daily?

First things first, how we move should be enjoyable. So put in the time to find what brings you joy in movement. It could be a simple walk as you listen to an inspiring podcast. Pushing play on a new weekly workout. Trying a new barre studio with a friend. Try everything! Walking, dancing, spin class, rock-climbing, barre, aerobics, swimming, cross-fit, cycling and team sports and keep trying until you find something that you love to do.

Secondly, forget about chasing a physical outcome-- do it for how it makes you FEEL. Don't do long runs, cycling classes or hot yoga if you hate to sweat. Find activities that you're interested in, that suit your level of fitness and not because you think it's going to give you a tight butt or slimmer thighs. The more you like something, the less excuses you'll come up with and the more you will actually MOVE!

"EAT like you love yourself, MOVE like you love yourself, SPEAK like you love yourself, ACT like you love yourself."

Last but not least, workout because you love your body. What if we all started talking about health & fitness in a more positive way? What if we pushed aside the myriad of messages shouting 'change yourself' and start talking about 'love yourself' instead. I believe in such a world- I believe it should exist and I believe we all have the right to create it for ourselves. I think it's about time that we started to workout because we LOVE our bodies, not because we are trying to change them. I want us to stop comparing and searching and punishing ourselves. Because when we shift our focus to how our workouts make us feel instead of trying to lose weight, it changes EVERYTHING. Trust me, your body is AMAZING!

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